David Coulthard

Driving Enthusiasts, the Cooper Zeon CS Sport ultra high performance tyre has been designed with you in mind. Better grip. More comfort. Lower fuel consumption. High speed performance is optimised. Driving experience is maximised.

In a multi-faceted ambassadorial role, Coulthard, who now fronts the BBC F1 television coverage, will offer technical advice, insight and feedback to Cooper’s product development team, as well as representing the manufacturer at key events. Coulthard has already played a key role in Cooper’s tyre development; the 42-year-old assumed a hands-on role for the testing and development of the newly-launched Cooper Zeon CS Sport.

The ex-racer, who drove for Williams, McLaren and Red Bull during his 15-year stint in Formula One, tested the new UHP range-topper during its development process, using his expert knowledge to provide feedback to the technical team on wet and dry handling, grip and cornering capabilities.