Kingsley Holgate


Coopertires are proud to journey with renowned geographical explorer, Kingsley Holgate, on his expeditions throughout the African continent. Cooper tyres are the only tyres of choice for Kingsley as they have got him through rough and smooth to every country in Africa. This reliablity and tenacity is essential in order for KIngsley to perform his good work. In Kingsley's words: "Cooper tyres not only get me there, they get me back again".

The newly established Kingsley Holgate Foundation uses the energy of adventure to save and improve lives and give something back to the people of Mama Africa. All of Kingsley’s expeditions are linked to on-going and sustainable humanitarian and conservation initiatives. Initiatives include:  United Against Malaria, Rite to Sight, Water Purification and Rhino Conservation.

Afrika - Displatches from the outside edge. Kingsley Holgate.