Xavier Foj

Winners choose winners.

Spaniard Xavier Foj has completed the renowned Dakar rally an impressive 25 times and has used Cooper tyres in a range of events over the last few years.

Xavier's most recent podium finish was an impressive second place in the 2015 Dakar. In the words of Xavier: "It was a tough race from start to finish, and we had virtually all the mishaps that can occur in this rally. On many occasions we thought we were out of the race, but with determination and hard work we have been able to overcome the obstacles and be on the podium in Buenos Aires. I would like to acknowledge the support, and the tyres, our main sponsor, Coopertires, our technical partners and, above all, to the fans who have followed us throughout the race. Right now we are exhausted, we’re just thinking about rest."

Just goes to show, Cooper tyres don’t just claim to be tough, they are proven tough.

Xavier Foj Dakar 2014